New Tattoo

New Tattoo
B. Sheffield - Copyright 2007 - (from the album) Journal on the Shelf

Honey let me tell you, what’s been on my mind
It seems to me, that it’s been quite some time
Since I got that last tattoo of mine
I’ll tell you just exactly what I’ll do
I’m going down, and get me a new tattoo

Pretty little pictures
For the largest part
Just one name inside a broken heart
I’ve become my very own work of art
And even though my rent is way past due
I’m going down and get me a new tattoo
How about you?

Got a little angel and a devil’s face
Bright red lips in a very private place
My grandma says it’s a sad disgrace
I get my whole family in a stew,
When I go down and get me a new tattoo

Pretty little darlin’
Says she’s in love with me
Well, baby bring along your fake ID
And you decide where you want that thing to be
I’m gonna to get one for my girlfriend too
We’re going down and get her first tattoo.


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